Keep your Social Media Avatars up to Date

Keep your Social Media Avatars up to Date


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TLDR: Refreshed my outdated avatar, which I use for social media.

New Avatar

Since I use an illustrative self-portrait for my social media handles, it's sometimes hard for people to tell what I really look like IRL. Originally, I made my avatar back in 2018 or 2019. But since then, I have a different hairstyle. It's important to make your profile picture (regardless of medium) look like you as much as possible.

The original avatar was made in Photoshop, so the scaling doesn't work well since Photoshop is pixel based. I converted it to a vector image, and edited it in Illustrator so it scales to any image size (in SVG).

So here's my new avatar to match my curly hair:

Image description

Design Process

This highlights the vector changes I made in this iteration (using Illustrator).

Image description

Old Avatar

And this is what my original avatar looked like (with my 2019 hair):

Image description

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